Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brave New Blog

I started a blog on Yahoo two days ago, then decided I like blogger a lot better, so I'm moving my previous posts over here. The only update from my post that follows, "Not everyone gets writer's block," is that author Kaavya Viswanathan is now promising to rewrite the sections of her first novel that bear striking similarities to another 2001 novel she claims to have "internalized" as a young reader. As I had mentioned, one of the weird things about this story is the concept of book development--kind of like a team of people working to conceptualize a book's plot, character development, etc. It is not the same thing as editing, which takes place much later in the process, leaving the author in much more control of the original concept. It sounds very Hollywood. It disturbs me. But it payed off very well for the author in this case. She's getting some flak at the moment, but still has that book deal, movie rights optioned, etc. The publishing world has changed and I'm still rather old-school...


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