Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Music Talent: Mateo Lucero “Tango Mood”

Pianist and composer Mateo Lucero is one of the featured artists on “Transitions”, the latest release from the label Jazz Revelation Records. Based in the American city of Boston, this artist-driven record label was created to present the top jazz composers and performers. JRR artists speak the traditional language of jazz in a new way.

Composed by Mateo, the tune “Tango Mood” features the legendary saxophonist Ed Tomassi, renowned scholar in the art of improvisation. The level is exceptional. Guaranteed to surprise and confound, in the best possible way.

Playing is really, quite a mystery. This wonderful composition builds an atmospheric mood with so few chords and the playfulness of the time really evokes the title of the piece. The music is sophisticated and soothing -even if the subject could be sad--"triste" is an integral part of tango. Strongly writing in the style of his homeland of Argentina, Mateo develops here a new language by opening up tango music to contemporary sounds.

Creativity and joy in the playing are infectious. Enjoy!

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