Sunday, June 25, 2006

wow yanked a few of my posts--and probably some others'--in the previously-mentioned, ever-deteriorating flame war. It's too bad--I think they were pretty damn kickass, the people they were aimed at truly deserved them, and I don't have any other duplicates. Guess I touched a nerve!

It was silly, though. At least let me explain that it was raining all day, so I got sucked into it. I promise to behave from now on, though. Really, a civil discussion there quickly became impossible. Overweight people were being accused of hastening global warming by exhaling more carbon dioxide than the average person, for chrissake. I got a cute email (from someone I had not even spoken to directly up until then) about my mother, anyone who spoke out to deride the two main flamers was dismissed as being fat and get the idea.

The thing is, it was kind of fun, in a weird way, to jump get down to their's just too easy to cyber-smack people--that's the scary time I will steer clear, though.

Sorry for the lapse

Almost two months...jeez.

Have been pulled into an online tiff that is getting beyond boneheaded. You can slog through the letters if you want, here.

Here's the original article, simply about a guy named Josh Max who is unapologetically in love with his larger-sized wife.

Are some of these letter-writers actually walking around in public? Yikes.

The crossfire has got me sort of exhausted at the moment--I'll try to be more entertaining with my next post...