Thursday, September 20, 2007

Should I resuscitate this blog?

Heh, I notice there's someone who's been checking in here a bunch of times over the past few weeks. I take requests, you know--what would you like to hear? (Try the veal!) But really, it's been pretty dead in here.

Had another blog (translation-related) that I was putting my energies into, plus, you know, real life stuff. So anyway, haven't given this feeble blog much thought recently...

I am thinking of putting my energy back into writing, and I could go back to posting about that, or post more writing itself.

I will think about it.

Anyway in the meantime if you want to see more ways I've frittered away my time, you can go onto htttp:// (sorry I am too lazy to set up a proper link right now--maybe later). I'm coming and going in various threads like For Better or For Worse (in Family Life), and Bizarre Hatred of Random Celebrities, which is under Movies. My tabletalk name is Mochi Hada, by the way. What a time suck, but fun, for those of us parked in front of computers for work anyway.